Baby steps

So, I’ve gone vegan. AAh!! It’s so exciting and such a relief to finally say it: I am vegan. It’s only been two days and I’ve already had some amazing comments, along the lines of:

  • “So, will you just eat like, nuts?” (My mother)
  • “Oh wait so that’s when you just eat salad and stuff?”
  • “But you’re an active person so you should definitely eat dairy!”
  • “But what do you eat, don’t you miss cheese? Can you eat eggs?”

Here’s what I can eat: everything, every ‘normal’ food, just a vegan version. I can eat stir-fries, chips, pizza, lasagne, chilli, pasta, curries, almost every breakfast cereal, Pringles, pancakes, tofu scrambles, burgers, cakes, Oreos, chocolate, crisps (and yes, I could also eat salad…ew). It’s really weird – literally nobody cares about what you eat until you say you’re vegan. Then oh boy, suddenly people are very concerned about your health and well-being. I just don’t understand why you care? If you’re going to be cynical then you should really be looking at your own diet, which frankly I couldn’t care less about; I’m not judgemental at all so if you want to eat cheese, fine. Just don’t expect me to have any, that’s all.

I saw this video on YouTube and it made me laugh: If Vegans Said The Stuff Meat-Eaters Say. It’s definitely worth a watch, if nothing else just to get you to see the kind of mindset reversal that goes on. I mean really, where do you get your fibre? I heard someone gave meat to a baby once and it DIED!” 

I would also highly recommend you check out Hot For Food. It’s a blog by a vegan duo from Toronto who make vegan cooking/transitioning the least daunting experience ever. It’s great to be able to make vegan burgers, poutine, tacos, pizza…etc. My flatmates were also really nice and one of my best friends wants to cook a vegan meal together once a week, which is the cutest. Being in Falmouth is also a good place to be a vegan – there are lots of us and most restaurants offer delicious options on the menu. Overall, it’s been pretty easy and I’m so excited for the road ahead. Hopefully by the end of the year my cooking won’t be as disastrous, either.

Have a great day, peace out x